About the nursery

Productive development in  Viveros Comalle

Viveros Comalle S.A. is a company whose founders have more than 36 years of experience in plant production , fields and agro-industries. It has a sag certification. Production of fruit, vegetables and conventional and organic forest on an industrial scale. Its production allows a stronger and faster plant to adapt the environment.

The production of plants in nurseries, has traditionally been based on conventional management that includes the use of substrates based on organic fossil material (peat), the application of high doses of fertilizers and numerous applications of agrochemicals, however, the agronomic results in soil, of the plants obtained many times are not the expected ones, observing uneven plants, succulents, with little root development, susceptible to plagues and diseases and that suffer evident damages in their tissues product of the high temperatures, present all over the world, as consequence of climate change.

Through careful management of crops, pests and diseases, it is possible to obtain high quality plants that adapt to the extreme environmental conditions imposed by climate change and achieve good productivity and fruit quality.

Viveros Comalle viveros frutal , forestal y hortalizas


Be the best agricultural production of plants and products of Chile, through sustainable agriculture, efficient uses of resources to adapt to climate change.


To be recognized as the best quality agricultural company for plants and products. adapted to the different agro-ecological conditions.


Teamwork Cooperation between those who make up the work team and strengthening the professional and / or technical skills of each worker is essential for achieving objectives and for producing a sustainable growth of the company.

Trust Our clients are important and we feel involved in their production line. Their problems are our problems, for that reason we want to be part of their solution, we believe in good commercial practices (joint cooperation, trust, mutual, and loyalty)

Training According to the requirements of each area, it is important to develop and strengthen the specific skills of each worker, required in each work within the organization. Working together to achieve the goals.

Quality in the service and in the product.

Sustainability and environment Committed to the development and care of both the plant and its ecosystem, generating low carbon footprint and low water footprint.